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What is the problem?

...for students and guidance counsellors.


Limited time.

Do you have enough time with each individual student?


Engaging the students

Is it easy to connect and engage with students about future goals?


Not enough data

Are you missing key data and insights about individual student interests?

We made this app to solve your problems


Unlimited Students

Connect with 10, 100 or 1000 students! Understand everyone's detailed interests.


Skills Assessment

Understand skils from individual students, year groups and even your whole school.


Interests Assessment

See what occupations might fit individual students and also what trends are emerging in year groups.


School Report

Get key data about how the whole school is progressing and what areas need attention.


Individual Reports

Focus on the details with each individual student from connected courses to engagements in app.


Exit Entry Talks

Access talks from industry leaders and third level institutions.

“From a Guidance Counsellor point of view, I found the level of technical support available excellent. There was always someone on hand whenever I or the students needed help”.

"The Exit Entry app made my life as a Guidance Counsellor easier. With the Guidance Counsellor Dashboard feature it makes it simple for me to stay on top of what each student is doing. The IBM badges also give students the opportunity to access worthwhile skills no matter where they are in the country."

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Discovering Interests


Investigative, Social, Artistic


Social, Investigative, Artistic


Enterprising, Conventional, Investigative